Calculation based on the following assumptions:
Average treatment time:
90 minutes Number of employees:
1 Average time per appointment:
3 minutes Working hours per day:

8.5h => 5.6 appointments * 1 employee * 3 minutes * 20 working days / 60 minutes / 8.5 working hours = 0.7 days

Assumption of empty spaces

: 1

appointment per day (with 1 employee)

=> 1 * 20 working days* 90 minutes treatment = 30h Average revenue per treatment:
CHF 125 (e.g. eyelash extension) => 30h empty space * CHF 125 = CHF 3750

Save with Calenso β³πŸ’Ά

Based on our calculations, you can profit with Calenso as follows

0.7 days Time saving per month
30h Fill in blanks per month
CHF 3750.- Additional turnover per month

Benefits in no time πŸ’πŸΌβ™€οΈ


Alignment with your calendar

Reminders for fewer missed appointments

No interruptions, bookable around the clock for your customers

Sound familiar?

We've made up 4 everyday situations that haven't happened, but could and how Calenso can help you. πŸ§–πŸ½

Your client is surrounded by relaxing music, nice smelling candles and enjoys your deeply relaxing massage, which he treats himself to once a month. Suddenly the phone rings because a client wants to make an appointment. Your client will not really enjoy the interruption. Allow your clients to fully relax and you to fully concentrate on your work. With Calenso, your clients can now make appointments online.

Sound familiar?

You have customers who come by every week and those who come by maybe once in 3 months. Calenso reminds your customers so that they don't forget any appointments. Especially useful when appointments are planned far in advance. Also, with fewer missed appointments, you reduce idle time and unnecessary waiting time.

Sound familiar?

It may happen that a client is unable to keep the appointment. A customer can cancel the appointment up to a time defined by you. This also makes it possible for other customers to make spontaneous appointments. Use your time more efficiently and make the most of the full day.

Sound familiar?

Especially in the beauty and wellness sector, the preferences of individual customers can vary greatly. However, remembering every single flavour of candle or massage oil, or the favourite nail polish colour, would be a bit much to ask. Calenso allows you to store notes for each individual customer in the customer administration. Make a note of special features and preferences. With the customer database, you have all data in one place and they are quickly accessible.

Functional diversity for deep relaxation πŸ•―

Based on customer surveys and our own experience, we highlight the following 3 functions for you, as they are particularly suitable in your industry.

Date comparison πŸ”„

Link favourite calendars

Date comparison πŸ”„

Who likes to search for a suitable date for each other? No one. But time can also be saved. With Calenso you can connect your and your employees' calendars. The programme will automatically calculate which appointments are still free. You avoid double bookings, waiting times and increase customer satisfaction.

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Memories πŸ””

Your customers not only receive a booking confirmation, but are also reminded of the appointment before it takes place. This is very practical for you and your clients and, in addition to less idle time, you also have a higher adherence to appointments.

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Memories πŸ””

Notifications via email or SMS

Integration how & where you want πŸ”€

Booking widget integration

Integration how & where you want πŸ”€

You determine where your customers can make appointments online. You determine not only whether your offer is bookable, but also on which page customers can find your booking widget. The integration is very easy and works on your own website and on your social media profiles. Calenso also creates an automatic booking link. Use this if you don't have your own website.

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Relaxed leave the customer care to πŸ§–β™‚οΈ

Your customers come to you regularly? With Calenso Smart Actions, you can remind your clients to make their next appointment - when activated, all clients are automatically reminded according to certain criteria. Make them aware that it has been too long since their last hot stone massage or that another visit to the spa would certainly do them good. There are also other intelligent helpers that support you in customer care, retention and recovery.

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Relaxed leave the customer care to πŸ§–β™‚οΈ

Smart Actions Suggest availabilities with discount

Discover all the features of Calenso now!

This is what our beauty queens and wellness artists πŸ§–πŸ½β™€οΈπŸ§–πŸΎβ™‚οΈ say.

Calenso works with every browser πŸ“± πŸ’»

and with all operating systems PC, smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with any website - otherwise we are happy to help πŸ’‘

No matter which tool you have used to build your website, Calenso can be integrated into (almost) all websites. By means of a simple HTML code that you copy and paste where you want the widget, the integration succeeds straight away. We are happy to help you with the integration so that you can book online as quickly as possible.

Automatic appointment for more relaxation πŸ’†πŸΌβ™€οΈ

Up to 14 days are free of charge for you. That means you have enough time to try everything out. We are absolutely transparent and reliable.

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