These advantages arise with the dashboard 🤩

Simple and clear

Monitor company success

Booking and price overview

Identification top customer and top service

Test time progress display 💶

Dashboard booking counter

Test time progress display 💶

In the upper area, the counter shows how much of your trial period is left. 14 days are available to you at the beginning, which are then counted. As a reminder, our credo is transparency.

Statistics 📊

Various graphs show you clearly and easily understandable how many appointments were made, how much revenue was generated with which services and how many customers make appointments online.

Statistics 📊

Dashboard booking statistics

Easy to use 🗝

Dashboard User Friendly

Easy to use 🗝

The Calenso Dashboard has been reduced to the most important and clearly arranged. We want to provide you with the most user-friendly experience possible, so you can enjoy reading the stats.

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