Calculation based on the following assumptions:
Average treatment time: 30 minutes
Number of employees: 2
Average time per appointment: 3 minutes
Working hours per day: 8.5h
=> 17 appointments * 2 employees * 3 minutes * 20 working days / 60 minutes / 8.5 working hours = 4 days

Assumption of empty spaces: 1 appointment per day (with 2 employees)
=> 1 * 20 working days* 30 minutes treatment = 10h

Average revenue per treatment: CHF 150 (e.g. physiotherapy treatment)
=> 10h empty space * CHF 150 = CHF 1500

Save with Calenso ⏳💶

Based on our calculations, you can profit with Calenso as follows

4 days Time saved per month
10 h Fill in blanks per month
CHF 1500 Additional turnover per month

Simply practical! 🥰


No double bookings

Reminder for fewer failures

No interruptions

Your daily routine...

...and solutions, how it could look like. Through customer surveys and our own experiences, we've made up some stories that didn't happen that way, but could be. 👩🏻⚕️💉

Dear doctors, not everyone can make an appointment while working. The basic problem for clients is that they get time off for the doctor's appointment, but not for the appointment. Not every profession can take a 4-5 minute break to make a phone appointment. Allow your clients to still make an appointment at the end of the day. They will love you for it!

Your daily routine...

As a physiotherapist, you have exactly predefined time units for a client. After the appointment, you usually don't have 5 minutes until the next client arrives, which is usually used for preparing the next client. After all, your clients don't know when you are going to schedule those 5 minutes. That's why it always happens during the appointment that the phone rings - and no, now you can't answer the phone. In the next free 5 minutes you would have to schedule a callback. With Calenso you save the hassle of coordinating appointments. Besides, your customers will be happy if they can conveniently make an appointment online at any time.

Your daily routine...

As a physical therapist, you often have very early or late appointments because your clients also have to work through the day. Therefore, you are willing to make appointments from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. But now your assistant has scheduled an appointment at 7:00 p.m. and you need to be at an appointment at that exact time. With the automatic appointment synchronization of your private calendar and Calenso this will not happen anymore. You see all appointments on your existing calendar and can enter your private appointments and no more client appointments are choked in.

Your daily routine...

Your patient usually comes to you with a problem. Especially in case of emergencies, e.g. at the dentist or the veterinary clinic, it is good to know beforehand where the problem lies. With booking questions from Calenso, you can ask specific questions before finalizing the appointment, which will better prepare you for the appointment.

Calenso practice software as a versatile helper 💊

Based on customer surveys and our own experience, we have highlighted the most important features of Calenso for your practice.

Memories for all cases 🔔

Automated notifications

Memories for all cases 🔔

Whether it's a doctor's appointment, physical therapy, or a long-overdue visit to the dentist, if a customer forgets an appointment, it's not appealing. From your perspective, it adds complications like rescheduling, rescheduling, or idle time. Remind your customers with an email or a text message so that fewer appointments are forgotten. Your customers can also cancel appointments after a time you define. Emergency? Let your clients know if you need to cancel an appointment. Save yourself and your clients the hassle of missed appointments in the future.

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Forget opening hours 🕗

Lumbago, knee pain, sudden toothache or malaise can also occur in the evening. Your customer would rather come to you than to the emergency room, so he is willing to wait. It is convenient for your clients to make an appointment outside your opening hours. No matter if it is an acute health change and an appointment has to be prompt or the annual check-up at the dentist is due - your customers are not bound to a fixed time and can see at a glance which appointments are free. Reachable 24/7, without effectively being present 😉

Forget opening hours 🕗

Booking widget step by step booking

Secure patient data? Priority 1! 🔒

Data security DSGVO & GDPR

Secure patient data? Priority 1! 🔒

Calenso is DSGVO compliant. For those to whom this term means nothing: the security of your data is guaranteed with us. If you ever want to delete your account, all data associated with you will be irrevocably deleted. In addition, our servers are hosted in Switzerland. The security of your data is very important to us. If you have any questions about privacy and security, please feel free to contact us.

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Follow-up appointment? We'll ask for you 💬

Your patients should be examined by you once a year? With Calenso Smart Actions you can do this automatically with one mouse click - for all your customers. Make them aware that they should schedule an annual checkup with you. There are also other intelligent helpers that support you in patient care, retention and recovery.

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Follow-up appointment? We'll ask for you 💬

Smart Actions further optimizations and wishes

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Calenso works with every browser 📱 💻

and with all operating systems PC, smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with any website - otherwise we will be happy to help 💡

No matter with which tool you have built your website, Calenso can be integrated into (almost) all websites. By means of a simple HTML code that you copy and paste where you want the widget, the integration succeeds at first go. We are happy to help you with the integration, so that you can book online as soon as possible.

Don't make the doctor - just try it! 😉

Register with Calenso today without obligation and free of charge. Try it out and discover that it simplifies your everyday life. Did you know that we adhere to the highest data protection guidelines according to DSGVO? Fantastic, isn't it?

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