Calculation based on the following assumptions:
Average appointment time: 30 minutes
Number of employees: 2
Average time per appointment: 4 minutes
Working hours per day: 8.5h
=> 17 appointments * 2 employees * 4 minutes * 20 working days / 60 minutes / 8.5 working hours = 5.3 days

Assumption of empty space: 3 appointments per day (with 2 employees)
=> 3 * 20 working days * 30 minutes effort = 30h

Average revenue per appointment: CHF 60 (e.g. emission test)
=> 30h empty space * CHF 60 = CHF 1800

Save thanks to Calenso ⏳💶

Based on our calculations, you can profit with Calenso as follows

5.3 days Time saved per month
30h Fill in blanks per month
CHF 1800.- Additional turnover per month

With these advantages you work effizienter👨🏻🔧


Time saving

Improved utilization

Increased customer satisfaction

Do you know these situations?

Situations that didn't happen that way, but could have, and why Calenso has a solution for them.

It is very different whether the customer has to be present at an appointment. If your customers are absent after all, this can become a problem. With Calenso, customers can cancel appointments. This saves you the journey and reduces waiting times.

Do you know these situations?

If you need to provide vehicles for an assignment, but do not have enough for each craftsman, Calenso can help you. Through so-called events (group booking), you can couple a customer appointment with a vehicle. As soon as a customer wants to book an appointment and no craftsman or not enough vehicles are available, this time is not available for selection. This way, you can prevent overbooking and incorrect planning.

Do you know these situations?

Your craftsman/mechanic has just been on a house call and now has to issue an invoice and the report. Unfortunately, he is a bit short of time because he has to go to the next appointment. With Calenso you can set up a defined follow-up time, which can vary per service. This way, for each appointment, enough time for post-processing is automatically included and the hectic is eliminated.

Do you know these situations?

In workshops or on a house call, it's tedious when you're lying under the car or tightening the screw under the sink and then the phone rings. On the one hand you have to interrupt your work and on the other hand you lose time by finding an appointment. Calenso takes this work off your hands and shows the customer at any time and in a user-friendly way which appointments are available with you.

These functions are made for you 🧰

Based on customer surveys and our own experience, we have picked out the most suitable functions for workshops and craftsmen.

Memories 🔔

Automated notifications

Memories 🔔

Your customers not only receive an appointment confirmation, but they are also automatically reminded before an appointment. This should save you waiting times and increase appointment adherence.

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Resources 🚐

In addition to your employees, you can also define resources, such as vehicles, that can be booked. If you have a limited resource, e.g. only one exhaust gas test device, you can link it to an appointment. In concrete terms, the required resource is reserved in the background for a customer appointment and is no longer available at that time. This is important because several employees may be able to carry out an emissions test and one employee would be free at this time. However, due to the occupied resource, no more emission tests can be performed at this time.

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Resources 🚐

Calendar resource planning

Skills 🏆

Add resources capabilities

Skills 🏆

In a usual company, each employee has different skills. Especially in apprenticeship companies, the skills differ between apprentices and trainees. To ensure that your employees can only be booked for services that they can perform effectively, you can assign "skills" to your employees.

Annual service and follow-up appointments ✅

The regular service of a car or a check-up after a repair makes sense. Therefore, automatically send a message to all your customers that their next appointment with you would be due and they make an appointment. With just one click you activate the Smart Action and it automatically does everything for you in the background. You decide when a follow-up appointment is needed and the reminder is sent for it automatically. There are also other intelligent helpers that support you in customer care, retention and recovery.

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Annual service and follow-up appointments ✅

Smart Actions Suggest availabilities with discount

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No matter with which tool you have built your website, Calenso can be integrated into (almost) all websites. By means of a simple HTML code that you copy and paste where you want the widget, the integration succeeds at first go. We are happy to help you with the integration, so that you can book online as soon as possible.

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