These advantages await you with the online calendar 🔖



Synchronisation with other calendars

Flexible scheduling

Booking assistant 🤖

Calendar booking wizard

Booking assistant 🤖

If some of your clients still want to book appointments over the phone, our booking assistant shows you all available appointments across all resources with just one click. This way, the appointment can also be coordinated with the customer by phone in no time at all - without losing valuable time.

Everything at a glance 🎯

In the online calendar you can easily switch between different appointment views. For example, you can display all employees next to each other or switch between the daily, weekly and monthly views. If you have connected an external calendar, it shows you all appointments of the external calendar.

Everything at a glance 🎯

Calendar overview - Everything at a glance

Move & Extend 🕑

Calendar Drag and Drop - Move and Extend

Move & Extend 🕑

You already know before the appointment that it will be shorter or longer? In the online calendar you can lengthen and shorten appointments simply by dragging them. Moving entire blocks of appointments also works perfectly. By the way: reminders are automatically adjusted to the appointment.

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