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Recurring income

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Additional income πŸ’Έ

Partner additional income

Additional income πŸ’Έ

With our innovative solutions and services, we support your business in building recurring revenue. New partners who have been referred to Calenso by you receive their own link. This way, we can closely monitor and ensure that you earn recurring money for each new customer.If you find additional resellers for Calenso, you will receive an additional 2% revenue share per referred reseller.

Win Win πŸ†

Distribute the intelligent appointment coordination algorithms to your clientele and strengthen their brand, accelerate their revenue growth and increase their profitability through a new, innovative software in the field of appointment coordination. Your growth will be enhanced by upselling to existing and new clients and you will generate a recurring revenue stream. Through continuous development and active support, your customers will discover Calenso as a smart, simple and transparent tool.

Win Win πŸ†

Partner Win-Win

Training and integration πŸŽ“

Booking widget integration

Training and integration πŸŽ“

We rely on you knowing our product almost as well as we do as developers. That is not an art. In order for you to acquire the knowledge, we do regular sales and product training with you. You have a sales commitment on all related opportunities to distribute Calenso. You also get access to the bi-annual development roadmap reviews.

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