Why do you need an automated online appointment setting process?

With 5 appointments per day you save 12-16 hours of time per month with a digitalized appointment booking. With an automated appointment booking you are 525% more available, and remain undisturbed in your daily work. Calenso sends you appointment confirmations, reminders for upcoming appointments, follow-ups after a successful appointment and improves your digital customer experience.In short, with Calenso's intelligent appointment scheduling, you increase your efficiency, save costs and generate more revenue.

Advantages of making an appointment online

Undisturbed work

Telephone appointments cause interruptions in your daily work.

24/7 availability

Your working hours are from 08:00 - 17:00? No problem - Calenso works for you around the clock.

Competitive advantage

Many customers switch to another provider if they can't reach you.

Customer satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction will increase many times over with cool confirmations, reminders and follow-ups.

This is how much time you could save with Calenso


7 minutes


3 minutes


4 minutes


3 minutes


4 minutes


Term duration


6 minutes

Customer review

2 minutes

How Calenso works

Interest aroused?

Get familiar with the Calenso booking widget, which you can easily integrate into your website or social media channels. This is a demo. Feel free and try it out!

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Easy setup 🚶

Easy setup 🚶

To enter your personal data, you will be guided through a very simple step by step process. Here you maintain data regarding your employees, their availabilities, their skills & your offer.

All functions

All calendars 🔄

Reliable synchronization with all calendar platforms: Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Outlook Exchange, Apple iCloud, Google Calendar. Enter your vacations and private appointments into your existing digital calendar as usual. Calenso takes into account all your connected calendars and matches if an appointment is available. This works within a few milli-seconds, so your customer on the other side doesn't notice anything. With the normal availabilities of an employee you limit the usual working hours.

Calendar synchronization

All calendars 🔄

Calendar synchronization with various calendars

Branding from A to Z 💎

Branding Whitelabel use own corporate design

Branding from A to Z 💎

Equip the entire booking process with your company's branding. Your logos are also used in all communication - whether via SMS or mail. You can also customize your texts without Calenso Corporate. With your own brand, you guarantee a fully customized communication. In addition, your address will be provided as the sender address of mail and SMS.

Calenso Whitelabel

Gain time with automations 🤖

With Smart Actions, you can improve your customer care, retention, and recovery. Send automated thank you messages, get feedback, or get automated tips on how to make your business thrive with just one click. We're constantly learning and releasing more smart actions to make your everyday life even more efficient.

Smart Actions

Gain time with automations 🤖

Smart Actions Suggest availabilities with discount

Online Payment 💸

Online payment with credit cards

Online Payment 💸

Your customers can pay for the service right away when they make an appointment. This saves you even more time and you can concentrate on the really important things in life. Calenso offers credit card payment, Paypal and Twint as online payment methods.

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Multilingual booking processes 🌐

Your customer can change the language of the widget at the bottom by clicking on the corresponding flag. The booking widget will automatically adopt the language of the browser the customer is in. You can define a default language if the browser language is not detected or not available in Calenso.

Multilingual online booking

Multilingual booking processes 🌐


Can be integrated everywhere

Booking widget integration

Can be integrated everywhere

Use the advantages of Calenso where you need them. Calenso can be integrated into any CMS and ERP system.

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Data protection is written in capital letters for us 🔐

SSL encryption

Highest security standards and SSL encryption protect your data from unauthorized access. Passwords are never stored unhashed, credit card data is not stored.

DSGVO compliant & ISO certified servers

Servers and databases are ISO certified and are located exclusively in Switzerland in a highly secure data center of a renowned provider.

Data location Switzerland

Daily backup of data and storage in different locations. The appointments are in your calendar. In the unlikely event of a server failure, you still have all your appointments with you.

Calenso all for you! ❤️

Every industry has to deal with different difficulties. Calenso has developed suitable solutions for diverse industries. Cool, isn't it? 😎 Discover the most suitable solution for your company!

Test once please 👏

Get familiar with the Calenso booking widget, which you can easily integrate into your website or social media channels. This is a demo.
Feel free and try it out!

Test the booking widget now

What's the problem with classic appointment setting?


Customers want service via different channels

More than 60% of consumers use more than 5 channels to interact with companies


No time for appointment coordination

Employees still waste too much time on appointment coordination instead of customer care


Customers switch providers

Customers switch providers in the event of poor digital service

Unleash the full potential of scheduling
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