Calenso and Calendly both have very diverse functions. In the overview below we show you where the difference between the two programs lies.
Calenso is ideal for larger companies and SMEs. The developers of Calenso can customize the appointment process to your needs. Calendly, on the other hand, is designed as an inflexible solution for small SMEs.

The biggest advantage: Calenso is EU data protection directive compliant.

EU Data Protection Compliant
Customizable forms
File upload
Multiple locations
Optional multilingualism
Customer database
Social media integration
Enterprise Edition
Individual appointments
Group dates
Notifications / Reminders
Minimum planning period
Time zone detection
Own branding/
Calendar integration
Website embedding
Webhooks integration
Online Payment

The problem from other tools


Island solutions

There are countless isolated solutions on the market for lead generation, appointment setting, online consulting or marketing automation.
With Calenso you have all these functions on one platform!


Much too complex

Tools that allow you to automate the appointment setting and your consulting process are very complex in structure and require a lot of knowledge.


Data silos

Customer and behavioral data is difficult to exchange with third-party systems. Analytics are usually not available at all.
With Calenso, you can integrate customer and behavioral data directly into your ERP system or display it in real-time in the Calenso Dashboard.

Small amount, big effect 💶

There are some direct and indirect financial benefits from Calenso.

Time saved per month

Time is money - everyone knows this saying. You can certainly do better with the time saved for manual appointment bookings.

Avoid double bookings & consequences

Double bookings bring a lot of trouble, rescheduling is the order of the day and takes time. With Calenso's automatic appointment calculation, double bookings are a thing of the past.

Appointment reminders avoid downtime

And failures bring idle time. Sure, you can use this time differently, but you miss the revenue. With Calenso reminders, your customers are sure to forget fewer appointments.

Efficient schedule utilization

With Calenso, your customers can see right away which appointments are free. Not only do you save time for calendar synchronization, your customers also book appointments in gaps and you are thus better utilized.

No work interruptions, work more efficiently

With Calenso you can fully focus on your customers. Distracting phone calls during the appointment are now a thing of the past.

24/7 availability

You'll definitely have fewer missed appointments because with Calenso, your customers can book an appointment with you 24/7.

Do you need integration with your ERP or other system? Sure! 🌐

Calenso is a team of IT geniuses and developers who will provide you with a fully comprehensive online appointment setting solution for your company. With Calenso Corporate, individualized solutions are developed to integrate online appointment setting into your system. You will also benefit from your own branding in the widget display, all notification forms (mail and SMS texts and design) and much more. The project will be handled with an experienced software developer from Calenso, who will be available for questions and customizations.

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Advantages of making an appointment online

Undisturbed work

Telephone appointments cause interruptions in your daily work.

24/7 availability

Your working hours are from 08:00 - 17:00? No problem - Calenso works for you around the clock.

Competitive advantage

Many customers switch to another provider if they can't reach you.

Customer satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction will increase many times over with cool confirmations, reminders and follow-ups.

You can only win 🏆

Calenso is not only a reliable online appointment booking tool, but also a transparent provider. You take no risk, because the first 14 days are free.

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