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With around 849,000 customers, Sanitas is one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland. As a strong health partner, Sanitas is innovative, explores new avenues and develops services that keep pace with the times. The focus is always on existing and potential customers. The simple and innovative appointment scheduling tool went live just in time for the 2021 autumn business season. Anyone who wants to optimize their insurance can book a personal video consultation or an appointment on site quickly and easily via sanitas.com.

Simple, fast and digital: the new platform brings insurance expertise even closer to existing and potential customers. It will be much easier to get in touch with Sanitas, obtain comprehensive advice and optimize your own insurance policies.

The consultation process has been made more efficient and improves the customer experience. Sanitas policyholders and potential customers are guided quickly and easily through the online appointment booking process and immediately receive a suitable appointment with their chosen insurance advisor.

3 x
Higher conversion for partner leads
Dates per month
45 min.
Time saving per appointment
Getting a binding appointment in less than 60 seconds is a real innovation in the industry. The direct route to personal 360° advice, whether physical or digital. We are redefining modern sales.
Philippe Hauenstein, Head of Mobile Sales

Get a consultation in less than 60 seconds

Sanitas relies on Calenso's functions and experience to significantly improve the digital consultation process. The option of a video consultation is low-threshold and reflects the current zeitgeist, which has been further intensified by the pandemic. Sanitas policyholders and potential customers can book a consultation appointment quickly and easily in less than a minute. This is how the user journey works:

  1. Select the type of consultation (video consultation via Microsoft Teams, on-site consultation or call-back appointment for simple questions and concerns)
  2. Choice of 16 different languages
  3. Selecting the right advisor
  4. Choose date
  5. Fill in a few details

The advisor and the customer then receive an automatic confirmation message. Shortly before the appointment, both are reminded of the appointment again and the access data for any video consultation is sent.

Calenso offers a clearly structured and understandable booking process according to our needs.The automated calendar entry saves us a lot of time and effort. At the same time, we appreciate the simplicity of finding an appointment for a personal consultation.
Ramez El Chami, Sales Manager

The most important elements briefly summarized

Language selection

The Calenso booking page recognizes the visitor's browser language and automatically adapts the text in the appointment booking process - a function that no other appointment scheduling software offers.

Personalized landing pages for Sanitas insurance advisors

All insurance experts have their own landing page. This helps to build trust and is a helpful tool for acquisition.

Three different consulting options

Sanitas offers three different consultation options: a personal consultation via video or on site as well as a call-back option for quicker consultation requests and simple questions.

This is what online consulting with Calenso can look like:

Inexpensive booking tool for insurance companies

Inexpensive booking tool for insurance companies

See the Sanitas online consultation process for yourself:
Arrange a consultation | Sanitas Demo

Inexpensive booking tool for insurance companies

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