Become an affiliate and earn a commission on all sales

Increase your revenue, expand your skills and network as part of our growing community of agencies, consultants and technology partners

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Paths to partnership with Calenso

Agency partner

As an agency partner, you can expand your range of services by integrating Calenso into your customer projects. Benefit from our extensive support structure and share the success through attractive commissions.


Recommend Calenso and receive a commission for every successful referral. As a reseller partner, you benefit from an uncomplicated partnership that can be easily integrated into your content.

Technology partner

Integrate your software solutions with Calenso and create added value through seamless synchronization. As a technology partner, you can tap into new markets and strengthen your position in the digital ecosystem.

A partnership that promotes growth

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A partnership that promotes growth

Why you should choose a partnership with Calenso:

Increase in sales:

Expand your business model and increase your income through attractive commissions and cross-selling opportunities.

Market expansion:

Open up new customer segments and markets by integrating our popular online scheduling platform.

Gain in know-how:

Benefit from continuous training to deepen your expert knowledge and offer your customers first-class service.

Strong networks:

Become part of a community that is focused on shared success and sustainable growth.

Your advantages as a sales partner


Very attractive remuneration


Little onboarding effort


Can be used across all industries

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which partner program suits you best?

Discover the benefits of a partnership with Calenso in person. Arrange an introductory meeting now to find out how we can advance your business together. We look forward to getting to know you and your goals

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How to become a Calenso partner in three simple steps:

1. getting to know each other:

We get to know your company and discuss your goals and opportunities with Calenso.

2. integration:

We support you in integrating our solutions into your offering.

3. growth

Use our support and training resources to increase your customer relationships and sales.


Start your partnership with Calenso by making a no-obligation appointment with our Customer Success. Our team will then get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.
Benefit from attractive commissions for you and the recommended company - forever!
As a Calenso partner, you get access to comprehensive support, including integration assistance, marketing materials and ongoing training.
Let's assume you recommend the Business Plan at a monthly price of 199.90 euros. With an annual commission of 20%, you earn 479.76 euros per year for every subscription sold.Your total income depends on the number of successfully referred subscriptions, so you can increase your income as the number of customers increases.Find out more here
As a Calenso technology and marketplace partner, you have the opportunity to integrate your own software solutions with our platform. This opens up new avenues for product innovation and enables you to develop customized solutions for your customers. As part of our network, you will benefit from mutual technology enrichment, access to new markets and the opportunity to grow together. Become a technology partner and use the synergies to offer your customers even greater added value.