Security & Privacy at Calenso

Calenso gives you the assurance that your critical data is reliably protected by enterprise-grade security. Careful handling of sensitive data has been part of our corporate philosophy since our founding.

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    Secure and data protection-compliant | Online calendar from Calenso

    Data security meets efficiency

    An online calendar that is GDPR-compliant and nDSG-compliant combines efficient scheduling with the highest data protection standards. By complying with both data protection laws, we secure your personal information while ensuring seamless coordination of appointments and tasks.

    Why do thousands of companies trust Calenso?

    We earn the trust of our users by providing industry-leading security standards. Calenso covers the following areas:

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    Security is our top priority. We have it deeply integrated into our infrastructure, our product and our company. Calenso offers countless features to ensure comprehensive data security.

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    We adhere to European Union data protection and security laws to help you meet your compliance obligations.

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    Data protection and privacy

    Data protection is a matter of course for us. With our comprehensive data protection program, we are committed to protecting your data and the privacy of your customers.

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    Reliability and availability

    We guarantee high availability of our cloud-based infrastructure and transparently provide our customers with Calenso's system status and performance at all times to ensure business continuity.

    What is GDPR?

    The GDPR stands for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in May 2018. It provides a comprehensive framework for the protection of personal data within the EU and sets out clear rules for the processing of this data.

    The main objectives of the GDPR are to protect privacy and strengthen the rights of individuals in relation to their personal data. The regulation gives people more control over their data and ensures that companies handle this information transparently and responsibly.

    The GDPR affects any company that processes the personal data of EU citizens, regardless of whether the company itself is based in the EU or not. Companies that violate the GDPR can be subject to substantial fines.

    What is nDSG?

    The nDSG stands for "new Data Protection Act" and refers to the revised Swiss Data Protection Act, which came into force on September 1, 2023. It is an update and amendment to the existing Data Protection Act (DPA) in Switzerland. The new DPA introduces important changes to data protection law and strengthens the protection of the privacy of individuals in Switzerland. It affects the way in which personal data is processed by organizations and website operators in Switzerland.

    The nDPA sets out how personal data should be processed on websites, particularly with regard to user consent and minimizing the use of data to what is necessary. It is important to note that the nDPA continues to require compliance with the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the data protection of EU citizens in Switzerland.

    Supporting safety features

    Icon representing the ISO certification.

    ISO 27001 certified servers

    All servers hosting our servers are ISO 27001 certified and have redundant data storage.

    Icon, lock with SSL encryption

    SSL encryption

    All data transferred between the end device and Calenso's servers is protected by 256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption.

    Icon that symbolizes a contract

    Individual AVV

    To comply with the GDPR requirements, customers can conclude a contract for order processing with Calenso with just a few clicks.

    Icon, with a key and a cloud. It symbolizes that single-sign-on.

    Single sign-on

    Calenso enables the use of single sign-on to automate user management and simplify the use of the platform.

    Icon penetration test

    Regular penetration tests

    To protect the platform from attackers and security vulnerabilities, Calenso conducts regular penetration tests.

    Icon, Blacklisting.

    IP blacklisting

    Access to an organization's booking widget can be denied to specific IP addresses using an IP blacklist.

    Icon, 2-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication

    Calenso provides 2-factor authentication (2FA) to secure access to user accounts.

    Icon, back-up backup

    Offsite backups

    Automatic offsite backups prevent the loss of data in exceptional cases such as theft, virus attack, hardware failure or natural disasters.

    Icon, Certified employees

    Trained employees

    Calenso's employees are specially trained in data protection and security.

    Icon, service level agreement

    Service Level Agreements

    Calenso sets high requirements for platform availability and support and backs them up with service level agreements.

    Icon, with lock and several stars, shows the GDPR-compliant appointment agreement.

    GDPR compliance

    Calenso complies with all requirements of the GDPR, including data security and privacy requirements.

    Icon, secure password

    Advanced password protection

    Calenso offers advanced password protection with safeguards against brute force attacks and password leaks.

    BSI Firewall Icon

    BSI Certified WAF

    Calenso's firewall is certified according to the standards of the BSI to ensure optimal protection of the platform.

    Icon Audit Log

    Audit logs

    Detailed audit logs provide comprehensive tracking of activity on the platform to ensure data security and integrity.

    Icon with client management

    Company-specific user roles

    Calenso allows the creation of user-defined roles to control and restrict access to data and functions within the organization.

    Icon, Swiss Army Knife

    Hosted in Switzerland

    Calenso's servers are located exclusively in Switzerland and are therefore subject to the country's strict data protection laws to ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

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