Eva Ivic Junior Marketing Manager
Eva Ivic
Junior Marketing Manager

Number of employees


In use of

Customer-oriented appointment management

Head office

Gelsenkirchen, Germany


  • Real estate trading

Use Case

  • Customer communication:
    Improvement in communication with customers.
  • Appointment scheduling:
    Efficient management of call-back appointments.
  • Automation:
    Automation of callback appointments.
  • Process integration:
    Seamless integration into existing systems and business processes. (SAP)



VIVAWEST, one of the leading housing companies in North Rhine-Westphalia, manages almost 120,000 apartments in around 100 municipalities on the Rhine and Ruhr. In our case study, we show you how VIVAWEST has optimized its digital customer service with Calenso. It becomes clear how the company actively improves its digital service by using Calenso and thus increases customer satisfaction

New approaches in the real estate sector

A key aspect of VIVAWEST's digitalization strategy is its focus on changing customer needs. VIVAWEST has set itself the goal of continuously developing communication and appointment scheduling with customers. With the online appointment booking system from Calenso, the company has succeeded in optimizing customer communication through technological flexibility and user-friendliness.

Calenso - much more than just online appointments

The Calenso appointment booking system has been seamlessly integrated into VIVAWEST's digital services, enriching them with its intuitive user interface and customer focus:

  • User-friendliness: Calenso complements VIVAWEST's technological advances and brings flexibility and customer-friendliness to the business processes.
  • Efficient customer communicationVIVAWEST customers and employees benefit from transparent and efficient appointment arrangements.
  • Integration into existing systems: A key advantage of Calenso is its seamless integration into VIVAWEST's existing systems and processes.


Thanks to its intuitive user interface and strong customer focus, Calenso has integrated seamlessly into VIVAWEST's digital services. As a result, VIVAWEST's customers now benefit from greater flexibility and autonomy in scheduling.

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Guaranteed integration.

VIVAWEST optimizes the customer experience

The implementation of Calenso has improved VIVAWEST's customer communication. The key to this was the introduction of a transparent and efficient system for making appointments:

  • Improved customer communication: Customers now receive a binding callback appointment from their responsible contact person, which improves the customer experience.
  • Higher customer satisfaction : Clear appointment scheduling and reliable call-back agreements have increased customer confidence and satisfaction. Thanks to Calenso, customers can now clearly plan when they will receive answers or callbacks, which improves transparency.
  • More efficient processes: Calenso has eliminated unnecessary phone calls and time wasted making appointments. This has led to a more efficient use of resources and increased employee productivity.


The partnership between VIVAWEST and Calenso is an impressive illustration of how digital solutions can positively enhance the customer experience in sectors such as the housing industry. By introducing Calenso, VIVAWEST has not only further optimized its internal processes, but also increased customer satisfaction. This success story demonstrates how important it is to continuously search for innovative solutions in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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