Customised to your company 🌟

Customised to your company 🌟

Give us some information about your company: Size, number of employees, number of users in your company, knowledge, learning objectives etc. Based on this information, we will tailor our training to your company.

Flexible time, duration & location 📍

We are happy to adapt to your wishes. We offer on-site training (max. 50km away) as well as online training. The training takes about 5 hours. If you are limited in time, we will shorten the training a little so that you are on time for your appointments.

Flexible time, duration & location 📍

Deadline Lead time Follow-up time

Documentation and records 📋

Customer management Notes

Documentation and records 📋

In order for you to be able to make your own notes during the training or to be able to clarify ambiguities at a later point in time, we provide each participant in the training with detailed documentation. We show you best practices and give you additional tips for process optimisation.

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Profit from unbeatable prices 🤑📚

Choose between online or on-site training. In both cases, we adapt the training to your needs and aim to achieve maximum learning success!

Training online

Conveniently and easily switch on the camera and share the screen with us. This way we can easily explain Calenso to you and your teammates over the net.

2 hours online

incl. training documents (digital)

Training on site

We would also be happy to explain Calenso to you on site. This option is available if your company is located within a radius of 50km. Whether in small teams or the size of a school class, we are happy to adapt the learning hours to you.

4 hours on site

incl. training material (digital or print)

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You never stop learning - so that Calenso can be applied quickly and without obstacles in your company, Calenso offers training courses. Take advantage of this opportunity and receive valuable information, structured according to a logical process and individual answers to questions.

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