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Every day, employees make numerous appointments. Calenso enabled fully automated communication between various interfaces.

Groupe Mutuel is a company that operates throughout Switzerland. Its 2,800 employees make numerous appointments every day. With Calenso, fully automated communication between Active Directory, calendar and CRM went from dream to reality - an ideal overall solution for the global insurer, which works with Microsoft Azure AD Single-Sign-On.

With Calenso, we have found a Swiss company that can also cover our country-specific characteristics. Calenso is also good at responding to customer requests and the collaboration is a lot of fun.
Pasquale D'Agostino | Chef de Projet Transverse Gouvernance SI

Efficient triage of customer appointments

As a global insurer, Groupe Mutuel is a competent partner for individual policyholders and companies. The company employs around 2,264 people who are committed to customer satisfaction. Groupe Mutuel offers a comprehensive range of insurance products in the areas of health, occupational pensions, legal protection and personal liability.

The company has several call centers in Switzerland. They call potential customers and arrange appointments for future consultations with one of their insurance agents. The agent then visits and advises the warm lead in person. Thanks to
Calenso, the call center staff can organize the appointments of all agents in the company's internal Active Directory. Development work and an interface, i.e. direct communication with the CRM, are also guaranteed. Since September 2020, Groupe Mutuel has benefited from continuous optimization and personal support from qualified experts.


We appreciate the high level of technical expertise of the Calenso team. Together, we were able to configure the appointment booking processes exactly according to our needs.
Serge Delafontaine | Chef de Projet Transverse Junior

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