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A running analysis appointment in a short time

With over 80 stores, Ochsner Sport is the largest sports retailer in Switzerland and stands for an optimal price-performance ratio with high service quality.

OCHSNER SPORT is the only provider of dynamic running analysis in Switzerland - and it's completely free of charge.

If you want to find your perfect running shoe, you can book a personal running analysis consultation at your preferred Ochsner Sport store using the Calenso online appointment system at ochsnersport.ch.

Following the introduction of online scheduling at OCHSNER SPORT, bookings have increased significantly.
Debora Lüthi | Head of Omnichannel at OCHSNER SPORT

Find the right running shoe online

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What is a running analysis?

In a video analysis, the movement sequence is discussed in detail with an expert and problem areas are identified in order to improve the running style. State-of-the-art technologies such as 3D foot scans and pressure plates measure the feet and determine the joint position. All this information is then used to assess which running shoe might be the best fit.

To make this helpful and competent analysis even easier to access, OCHSNER SPORT has opted for Calenso 's online appointment scheduling solution.

Why do sports retailers need an online appointment scheduling solution?

We put this question to Debora Lüthi, Head of Omnichannel at OCHSNER SPORT. Online appointment booking is a service that is in high demand from customers and an investment in the future, especially for Generation Z and Generation Alpha, she said. After all, it is known that younger generations no longer like to pick up the phone, but want to book appointments quickly and easily via their smartphone or computer, regardless of time.

With Calenso's online appointment system, OCHSNER SPORT is thus fulfilling an important customer need and improving the digital customer experience.

The support from Calenso is excellent! I always receive personal support within a very short time.
Debora Lüthi | Head of Omnichannel at OCHSNER SPORT

Interview with Debora Lüthi

Together with Debora Lüthi, Head of Omnichannel at OCHSNER SPORT, we conducted an interview about Calenso.

In an interesting interview, Debora Lüthi talks about the integration of Calenso, how online appointment booking was received by customers and visions for the future.

Why did OCHSNER SPORT choose Calenso?

We deliberately chose Calenso because the company made a very pleasant impression on us - communication was always quick and helpful. Being based in Switzerland and the very simple setup convinced us to rely on Calenso for our online appointment scheduling. At the same time, Calenso was able to offer us an out-of-the-box solution.

What do you mean by out-of-the-box solution?

Although we had tested various competitor products, Calenso was the only online appointment scheduling software that is so flexible and expandable without major development effort. With Calenso, we can design the online appointment booking process for our customers directly in the dashboard according to our own CI/CD, or add new employees & stores in a short time. This also ensured that we were able to integrate Calenso extremely quickly.  

How was the new software received internally by employees?

We have received very positive feedback from the employees . The integration in the individual stores worked smoothly and the software was very easy to understand for the responsible employees. We have received tremendous feedback from the respective stores on how easy it was for them to introduce Calenso and use it for running analysis on a daily basis.

What was your experience with Calenso support?

The support from Calenso is excellent! I always receive personal support within a very short time. The team is very courteous and competent. I also find detailed instructions for almost every problem in the support portal.

Where do you see the advantages of Calenso compared to competing products?

Calenso is very easy to implement and has a high speed. In other words, online appointment booking does not slow down our website. I also like the ability to design our appointment booking with custom CSS according to our CI/CD. Calenso is also extremely clear and I can make adjustments very quickly as an admin. Recorded customer data can be easily exported as Excel and the detailed statistics provide a good overview of visitor behavior.

But what I like most is how easy it is to expand Calenso.

A running analysis is essential for athletes and amateur runners. Because the wrong shoe can cause a lot of damage. The fact that OCHSNER SPORT is taking this approach and making this service more accessible and actively promoting it is extremely valuable for the running community!
Yanick Küchler | Marketing Manager at Calenso & passionate runner

Conclusion and thoughts for the future

We are very satisfied with Calenso and are already planning to make even more services bookable online. We also have great ideas on how we can use Calenso's data to make the customer experience in our online store even more personal and attractive. So OCHSNER SPORT customers can stay tuned!

This is what the online appointment booking for free running analysis looks like

The result is impressive

With Calenso, OCHSNER SPORT is fulfilling an important customer need and optimizing its digital customer experience. The entire appointment scheduling now takes place in one place and is therefore always up-to-date across all stores. And as already mentioned, online bookings at OCHSNER SPORT have gone through the roof.

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