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Arrange an insurance appointment quickly and easily

Helvetia Insurance, headquartered in St. Gallen, has developed into a successful, internationally active insurance group with over 11,500 employees and more than 7 million customers since 1858.

With Calenso's digitalization suite, our consultants save a lot of time. Since we have been using Calenso, consultants have been able to make more appointments per day, have a better overview of clients and information is automatically entered into our CRM system before the appointment.
Maik Fettig | Strategy and Innovation Manager Helvetia Insurance

simple. clear. helvetia.

is Helvetia's first promise: Helvetia wants to make the complex world of insurance simpler - more understandable, closer and more accessible.
Calenso's digitalization suite makes this promise a reality by making consultation appointments easier, faster and more accessible.

is Helvetia's second promise: Helvetia wants to offer short paths - to individual, optimal and transparent solutions.
The way to a consultation appointment


is the answer to all questions relating to insurance and pensions. With Calenso, Helvetia Insurance relies on a Swiss company with the highest level of quality awareness.

Calenso appointment Helvetia Insurance

I want to make an appointment as straightforwardly and bindingly as possible, and if it takes more than one phone call, that doesn't exactly make for happiness.
Maik Fettig | Strategy and Innovation Manager Helvetia Insurance

Interview with Maik Fettig

We conducted an interview with Maik Fettig, Project Manager for Digital Sales Support at Helvetia Insurance.

In an interesting interview, Maik Fettig talks about the challenges of the project, why Helvetia chose Calenso and what solutions they found together.

Maik, as project manager for digital sales support at Helvetia Insurance, you are responsible for introducing new communication channels, driving forward digitalization and finding ways to simplify sales, i.e. consulting.
What is your goal for the advisory process at Helvetia?

Nicely summarized - true to the motto simple. Clear. Helvetia. motto, we want to provide our customers with easy ways to contact us. We know this from various everyday situations - I want to make an appointment as easily and bindingly as possible, but if it takes more than one phone call, it doesn't exactly make for happiness.

When did you realize that you wanted to digitalize the consulting process?

Helvetia is constantly trying to scrutinize things with a focus on the respective target groups. So there is no specific date here either, but rather an evolutionary process. During the period in which we introduced video consulting, this was a logical step.

What convinced Helvetia Insurance to include Calenso in its consulting process?

Calenso understands the needs of Swiss customers and, above all, the software is very flexible. The cooperation with you was simply characterized by mutual appreciation, we helped each other and Calenso adapted the product to our needs. You can't do that with the other big appointment booking providers. They won't make any adjustments to their product.
It is also important to us that the added value remains in Switzerland, including with IT services. The collaboration with Calenso is a win-win-win situation.

We were also impressed by Calenso's high level of data protection. Compared to most other appointment scheduling tools, Calenso is guaranteed to be GDPR-compliant. For me, GDPR is an important standard . With Calenso, we can be sure that our customers' data is really secure.

Where do you see the advantages of Calenso for Helvetia Insurance?

The professional service, the pioneering technology and the proximity to the customer. Also the flexibility and integration capability - we wanted to connect our own e-mail notification service to offer the user a consistent experience. This was absolutely no problem and very easy to implement with Calenso.

Where & how does Calenso make everyday life easier for consultants?

It's quite simple - it saves us time. The consultant can concentrate better on the customer's topics and is not so often interrupted by a phone call - please don't misunderstand, we like to be in dialog with our customers, but with Calenso we can offer a much more flexible service and even 24/7 - I clearly see a win-win situation here.

Insurance companies that only offer their services in one language often lose customers as a result; a multilingual advisory process has a positive impact on the customer experience and helps to increase sales.
Marvin Felder | CEO Calenso

Multilingual booking process

Helvetia Insurance customers have a wide variety of native languages. That's why Helvetia offers advice in English, French and Italian as well as German. Calenso's appointment scheduling process covers three of the four Swiss national languages. And English is used to book appointments for the other languages.

With Calenso, you not only have the option of receiving advice from Helvetia in a language other than German, but you can also make an appointment online in this language.

Helvetia appointment booking in Italian

Helvetia appointment booking in French

Change the language during the booking process


Consultant landing pages

With Calenso, it is possible to make an appointment with more than 800 Helvetia advisors throughout Switzerland. The Calenso booking widget has been seamlessly integrated into the landing page of the respective main agency, general agency and advisor.

Each consultant has a personal Calenso landing page, also called a booking page, where the consultant can easily be booked for their services. The consultant can send the specific booking link to customers via email or social media, making it as easy as possible to book online without any effort.

Enterprise Office 365 connection

Helvetia now uses state-of-the-art enterprise connection of the Office365 calendars of all advisor workstations. With the introduction of Office365, Microsoft supports a data interface between Calenso via Office365 AppRegistration. The Calenso App is registered in the Azure Portal as a Microsoft Enterprise Application and receives the corresponding authorizations for the employees' calendars. The Microsoft Enterprise Application Integration replaces the "old" way of Microsoft Exchange Impersonation which was the standard from 2000-2016.

SAP Integration

All relevant information is entered semi-automatically into Helvetia Insurance's SAP CRM via an intelligent interface after an appointment has been booked. A migration from SAP to SalesForce is planned for 2022.


Calenso is 100% GDPR-compliant. But of course that alone is not enough...
To guarantee the security of customer data, we worked with Helvetia Insurance to create a detailed tom contract that defines the technical and organizational measures.
During this process, we recognized, as did Helvetia Insurance, that Calenso is the most secure appointment scheduling and lead generation software for insurance companies and financial service providers.

Digital advisory process for insurance companies

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