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Reboat logo on the left with image of two boats sailing on the lake, Calenso logo on the right with star in the middle for white label customers

Relaxation or action? Reboat offers both!

Reboat profile

Sought and found

Reboat was at the start with Calenso from the very first second. In retrospect, it would be unimaginable without Calenso! Reboat rents out various boats in parallel. The offers also have different prices. Another challenge is managing the participants. As soon as there are changes or cancelations, Reboat can rely on Calenso to process them correctly.

"(...) in hindsight, it would be unimaginable without Calenso!"

How Calenso convinces the Reboat team

Simplifying and automating booking management was a key requirement for Reboat. They came across Calenso on the basis of an Internet search. They were immediately convinced by the appealing Calenso design and at second glance the fair price-performance ratio offered an incentive. Reboat is already looking forward to the new version! (Editor's note: Available since November 8, 2019!)

"We were particularly impressed by the fact that Calenso was able to make flexible adjustments according to our requirements."

With this advice, the introduction of Calenso is guaranteed to work

Reboat is a start-up with a typical start-up mentality. That's why the changeover was not a challenge for Reboat, but enthusiasm for the integration of a new tool. Reboat advises other companies to take a close look at and understand their internal processes in advance. With Calenso's support and experience, accurate planning provides the foundation for an efficient appointment scheduling solution that is delivered in the shortest possible time.

"We would recommend that other companies know their processes well and discuss them in detail with Calenso (...)"

How the program offers added value for everyday working life

Calenso is used at Reboat for booking group appointments. Customers can register online for various offers, such as surfing or chilling out on the lake. The free availability per boat is limited so that there are no overbookings. Boats can also be booked for several hours with or without a driver. Calenso makes it possible.

Almost 600 bookings were successfully made via Calenso in Reboat's first season. Valuable savings have been achieved, particularly in the area of human resources, as no staff are required to make appointments.

"In our first season, we have now received 575 bookings. We were able to achieve a clear saving in terms of personnel resources."

And how do customers react?

After some minor challenges in the booking process at the beginning, Reboat's customers reacted extremely positively to Calenso's web-based appointment booking.

"Customers have reacted very positively to the online booking."

We recommend Calenso because...

... it is the perfect solution for start-up companies that want to automate their booking management. In addition, the cooperation with Calenso and Braincept is very pleasant and extremely uncomplicated.

All information about Calenso Corporate can be found here.

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