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The largest automobile company in Switzerland relies on Calenso when it comes to an innovative sales experience for test drives.

The AMAG Group and its approximately 6500 employees are passionate about keeping people on the road. The individual wishes and dreams around mobility fascinate the traditional company. This attitude has accompanied AMAG from the company's beginnings to the present day and shows strong synergies with the values of Calenso.

In the new mega mall The Circle at Zurich Airport, Switzerland's largest car importer AMAG will be providing information about the entire electromobility system from summer 2022 - from the extraction of raw materials to charging infrastructure and battery recycling.


"We are very happy that we found Calenso, because it really has all the functions we need."
Peter Schmid | Head of new mobility hub at AMAG Import AG


Why did AMAG choose the Calenso appointment scheduling system?

AMAG was looking for a solution for its online appointment processes to create the most personal customer experience possible, optimize planning and provide up-to-date information on electromobility with minimal paperwork.

The requirements were clear: easy-to-use, flexible and secure. Calenso impressed as a reliable Swiss provider for online appointments and communication during the appointment process.

Seamless integration into business processes

The team around Peter Schmid, Head of new mobility hub at AMAG Import AG, was also impressed by the seamless integration into AMAG's other online tools, as well as the real-time calendar synchronization with the calendars of the consultants on site

"We are very happy that we found Calenso, because it really has all the functions we need. Other appointment platforms only allow you to make a simple booking in their tool. But Calenso was way ahead of the others because we were able to design the booking process according to the AMAG CI/CD, display booking questions and a high level of data protection was guaranteed."

"With the competence center the square, we are hitting the nerve of the times. The automotive industry is currently undergoing the biggest upheaval in its history and the future of mobility is electric"
Olivier Wittmann | Managing Director at AMAG Import AG

This is how the appointment and communication process with Calenso works

Interested parties can find out more about electromobility via the website of The Square or AMAG and book a test drive in a flagship electric car from Audi, VW, Skoda or Cupra. When providing contact details, the driver's license is requested, which can be uploaded directly via Calenso. The uploaded file is sent together with the contact information to the booked salesperson, who then carries out the test drive together with the customer.

When a booking for a test drive is made online, AMAG automatically sends a personalized email and SMS from Calenso to confirm the appointment. A reminder is sent one day before the test drive.

"That's pretty brilliant, because our publication rate is almost 100%."

Calenso is a valued partner for Peter Schmid and his team at AMAG. The software is an important part of the Square offering, which they use to strengthen sales and significantly improve the customer experience for car buyers and test drivers.

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