In today's digital world, efficient and seamless online appointment booking is crucial for businesses. However, many companies face obstacles when they want to use Microsoft Bookings as their default option. Therefore, it is important to make an unbiased comparison of the features and performance of Microsoft Bookings and Calenso to make the right choice for your appointment scheduling needs. In this whitepaper (download via popup), we will take a closer look at what Microsoft Bookings offers and how Calenso stands out as an alternative solution.

Challenges when using Microsoft Booking

MS Bookings offers basic appointment scheduling features, but there are certain challenges that companies may encounter. These include:

Few customization options

The Microsoft Bookings user interface can be complex and difficult to navigate. In addition, the customization options are limited, which means that companies may not be able to adapt the booking widget to their individual requirements.


Lack of advanced functions for optimal scheduling

MS Bookings offers basic appointment scheduling functions, but lacks advanced features such as automatic reminders, follow-ups and satisfaction surveys. However, these features are crucial to increase customer satisfaction and reduce appointment cancellations.

Limited integrations with other systems and platforms

MS Bookings offers limited options for integration with other systems and platforms. This can lead to data inconsistencies and inefficient workflows, as companies may not be able to work seamlessly with their CRM systems or other business applications.

The advantages of Calenso

Calenso is a superior alternative to Microsoft Bookings and offers a variety of features and benefits that help companies optimize their appointment scheduling processes. These include:

User-friendliness and intuitive interface

Calenso is characterized by a user-friendly interface that delights customers and companies alike. The booking widget is attractively designed and ensures seamless and intuitive appointment scheduling.

Data security and data protection as top priority

Calenso attaches great importance to data security and data protection. With ISO 27001 certification and compliance with GDPR requirements, companies can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. In addition, all data is hosted on servers in Switzerland, which is known for its strict data protection laws.

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Advanced functions for efficient appointment scheduling

In contrast to Microsoft Bookings, Calenso offers advanced functions such as automatic reminders, follow-ups and satisfaction surveys. These functions help to increase customer satisfaction and reduce missed appointments. In addition, Calenso enables modern video consultation functions to advise customers from any location and offer a contemporary customer experience.

Flexibility and adaptability for companies

Calenso understands that every company is unique and has individual requirements. Therefore, Calenso offers flexible appointment management options and customization for individual availability. Calenso also enables extensive integrations with CRM systems and other business applications to ensure a smooth workflow and efficient data management.




Success stories of companies that use Calenso

What do companies that have already switched to Calenso have to say? Their success stories speak for themselves and illustrate the benefits that Calenso offers.Mark-Dercksen-Head-E-Business-Richner-Calenso

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Summary and conclusion

This comparison clearly shows that Calenso stands out as a superior alternative to Microsoft Bookings for online appointment scheduling. With a user-friendly interface, advanced features, flexibility and a strong focus on data security, Calenso offers businesses a first-class appointment scheduling experience. Businesses looking for a reliable and customizable online appointment scheduling solution should consider the benefits of Calenso to improve their customer experience, increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

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