Are you looking for the ideal online appointment scheduling tool for your company? Discover crucial insights in our detailed comparison 'Calenso vs Calendly | The comprehensive comparison'. While both tools are considered frontrunners in the field of online appointment scheduling, our article reveals the subtle but significant differences between them. We analyze the specific features and benefits of both solutions and guide you through the decision-making process so you can choose the tool that perfectly fits your company's needs.

What is Calenso?

Calenso is more than just an appointment scheduling tool; it's a comprehensive solution that helps larger organizations streamline and simplify their appointment scheduling. With seamless integration into existing workflows, the powerful Calendly alternative provides a centralized platform for managing appointments, resources and client relationships. As a cloud-based solution, it enables flexible and efficient appointment booking that is easily accessible for both employees and clients.

Calenso stands out for its versatile features such as automated reminders, personalized branding and detailed statistics, which make it possible to optimize business processes and increase customer satisfaction. With its ability to fit into a variety of working environments, Calenso is a versatile tool that is easily scalable to adapt to a wide range of requirements and grow with your business.

How safe is Calenso?

Calenso offers a comprehensive range of security features that make it a safe choice for organizations that value the protection of their data. Here are the highlighted security features:

  • GDPR & nDSG compliance: Compliance with European and Swiss data protection laws.
  • Data storage in Switzerland: additional data security thanks to location advantages.
  • 2-factor authentication: Increased access protection for user accounts.
  • AES-256 encryption: Strong encryption for stored customer data and appointment data.
  • Extended password protection and protection against spam bookings (Captcha): Additional security levels against unauthorized access.
  • Customer blacklist for booking (blocking via name, e-mail, e-mail domain): Management of access authorizations and prevention of misuse.
  • Proof of penetration testing: regular checks of system resilience to cyber attacks.
  • Audit logs: Detailed records for safety monitoring and analysis.
  • Customizable authorization system and company-specific user roles: Flexibility in access management for teams.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with support for Microsoft Azure AD, LDAP, Active Directory / IDP: Simple and secure authentication methods for users.

These security features highlight Calenso as an outstanding alternative to Calendly by providing a high level of security and data protection for users, especially for companies that want to digitize their processes while ensuring the integrity of their data.

Is Calenso GDPR compliant?

Compliance with the GDPR is of great importance for companies in the EU and beyond. Calenso ensures this compliance through strict data protection measures and transparent handling of user data. In addition, Calenso is also nDSG-compliant, which means that it meets the requirements of the revised Swiss Data Protection Act, which came into force in 2023. This compliance with the GDPR and the nDSG not only provides legal certainty for companies, but also underlines Calenso's commitment to protecting the privacy and security of user data.

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What is Calendly?

Calendly, a well-known appointment scheduling tool, has made a name for itself due to its user-friendliness. It offers a wide range of features such as easy appointment scheduling. Calendly's intuitive user interface and flexibility make it a popular choice for individuals and teams looking for a simple appointment management tool.

How secure is Calendly?

With robust security protocols and compliance measures, Calendly ensures that users' data is safe and secure. These measures include secure data transmission, regular security audits and compliance with industry standards in data protection. Four icons of the Calenso safety functions

Is Calendly GDPR compliant?

Calendly has stated on its website that it cannot confirm its compliance with the GDPR. This means that Calendly may not meet all the specific requirements of the GDPR, which could be an important factor for users in the European Union and other regions with strict data protection laws. It is important for companies that take data privacy seriously to consider these aspects when choosing a scheduling tool. Calendly's position on GDPR indicates that it may not be fully compliant with all data protection standards required in the EU. 

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Comparison of functions

Both Calenso and Calendly offer an impressive range of features tailored to different business needs. Calenso stands out for its customizability and security features, while Calendly is known for its ease of use and wide range of features. Both tools offer options for individual, group and conference appointments, various integration possibilities and user-friendly interfaces. The key to comparison is recognizing the specific needs of your business and choosing the tool that best meets those needs.

Calendly-Alternative-DSGVO. Table comparing the functions between Calenso and Calendly

Calenso's special features

Calenso stands out with several features that offer significant benefits for both companies and their customers. As a cloud-based solution, Calenso simplifies appointment booking with a flexible, easily accessible platform. Customization to corporate design, automated reminders and detailed statistics contribute to business process optimization.

A particular advantage of Calenso is its scalability - the system grows with your company. Whether you need Calenso for a small team or a large team, Calenso adapts to your growing needs without compromising performance or user experience. Calenso's commitment to security is second to none, with strict GDPR compliance and robust data protection measures. Calenso's unique features, such as round-robin assignment and Smart Actions, provide additional efficiency and extend the function

Calendly's core functions

Calendly is known for its ease of use and a wide range of features that make it a good tool for appointment scheduling. It allows users to organize their appointments efficiently, with automatic calendar synchronization to avoid double bookings. Calendly also offers flexible setting options to meet the different needs of users. These include features such as group appointments, automatic reminders and easy integrations with other software tools. 

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Customer service, reviews and integrations

Customer service and user reviews are an important aspect for both providers. Calenso stands out with its personalized customer service and detailed user guides. Customer reviews highlight Calenso's ease of use and customizability. Both tools offer a variety of integrations that allow them to be integrated into existing systems and workflows, making them flexible solutions for companies of all sizes.


Calenso impresses as an outstanding Calendly alternative with its adaptability and comprehensive security features. It is the ideal solution for companies with individual requirements. Calenso's specially developed features support the growth and efficiency of your company. Compared to Calendly, it offers flexibility and security in addition to ease of use to meet demanding business requirements.

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