Advantages of individual bookings 😍

Simple and modern booking widget

Versatile and individual settings

Be bookable for your customers around the clock

Increase customer satisfaction many times over

Resources 👨🏻💼 💁 🚛

Making staff and resources bookable

Resources 👨🏻💼 💁 🚛

Not only are your employees bookable online, you can also book other resources such as cars, vans, parking spaces or meeting rooms online. With a few clicks, you have your entire offer online.

Pre- & post-processing 👨🏾💻

Depending on the service and offer, you may need some time before or after the appointment. So that your appointments don't follow one after the other, you can easily plan buffer times. Calenso's appointment calculation takes this into account so that you can plan your day optimally without a lot of hustle and bustle.

Pre- & post-processing 👨🏾💻

Deadline Lead time Follow-up time

Booking questions ❓

Booking questions

Booking questions ❓

To prepare for an appointment, you can collect all the information you need from your client in advance. The questions you define are displayed to the client before the booking is completed. You can not only read the information in the booking confirmation, but it is also automatically stored in the customer profile.

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