Advantages of customer management 🗂

Clear and informative

Individual customer notes

Save specific booking questions

Increases customer confidence

Overview 📋

Customer management overview

Overview 📋

The clear presentation of your customers and the search function let you work much faster. In addition, you can also see in the customer profile, for example, the last and upcoming appointments, income from purchased services and much more. This gives you an overview of when and how often your customers come to you.

Notes 📝

Make personal notes for each of your clients. If your client doesn't like something or likes something very much, write it down. Before the next appointment, take a quick look at your notes and surprise your client with your knowledge. Automatic changes are also documented here. For example, if your client enters a new address when booking, this is updated in the profile and a note is created about the change.

Notes 📝

Customer management Notes

Booking questions❓

Booking questions

Booking questions❓

You can ask your customer individual questions before completing an appointment booking. The information they give you is automatically saved in their customer profile. You save a lot of time with booking questions and receive valuable information from your customer.

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