The days when a one-size-fits-all solution was enough to compete in the digital world are over. Nowadays, companies need to focus on individuality in order to inspire and retain customers.

Calenso offers your ultimate solution for this in scheduling automation. This blog post highlights the extensive customization options that Calenso offers. From in-depth custom CSS to intuitive design options, learn how you can use Calenso to personalize your appointment booking processes and strengthen your corporate identity.

How does personalized appointment booking improve your customer engagement?

A customized appointment booking page is much more than just a functional necessity; it's an extension of your image and an important touchpoint with your customers. Here are some benefits that can come from customizing your booking page:

  • Brand consistency / Brand consistencyA uniform brand presence across all touchpoints strengthens the trust and loyalty of your customers.
  • Improved user experience: A seamless, intuitive and visually appealing booking platform improves the customer experience. This leads directly to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased conversion rateA customized design that is specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of your target group. This allows it to convert visitors into customers more effectively.

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100% customizable: Your company in the foreground

For companies looking to seamlessly integrate their brand into all aspects of their online presence, Calenso offers advanced 100% customizable solutions solutions. These allow you to run the software under your own brand. This allows the user interface, logo and even the booking link to be customized to appear as a native part of your own website.

  • Enhanced brand presence: Depending on which plan you choose, you have various customization options. This allows your customers to enjoy a fully branded experience. This is particularly important for companies that want to offer strong brand loyalty and an exclusive user experience.
  • Consistency across all platforms: By being able to offer Calenso under your own brand, you ensure that your customers enjoy a consistent user experience. This applies regardless of where and how they interact with your company.

Despite the support of all guidelines and safety aspects such as the GDPR by Calenso, these customization options provide an extra layer of trust. By using these options, you can not only stand out from the competition, but also strengthen the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Example to show which whitelabeling and branding options Calenso has.

What is CSS and how does Calenso use it?

With the growing focus on the individualization of online presences, CSS is becoming increasingly important. But what exactly is behind this term?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that is used to control the layout and design of documents. You can make extensive adjustments to your booking page to fully adapt it to the corporate design corporate design of your company. With the custom CSS from Calenso numerous customization options are available:

  • Style changes: Customize background colors and choose from different fonts. Design the buttons to achieve the desired appearance.
  • Layout adjustments: Restructure the layout of your booking page. This allows you to highlight important information or offers.

A practical example of this is Sanitas health insurance. They have created a booking platform with custom CSS from Calenso. This not only reflects their corporate identity, but also significantly increases the booking rate.

How does Calenso personalize your customer communication?

Calenso not only offers you the opportunity to personalize the appearance of your booking site, but also to customize the communication with your customers. This allows you to ensure that every message sent to your customers speaks your corporate language and reflects your brand identity. This is an essential aspect of ensuring a consistent brand experience and strengthening customer loyalty.

  • Complete control over your communication: Calenso allows you to customize templates for email and SMS notifications. These are triggered automatically at various steps, such as confirmation of bookings, reminders or special offers.
  • Taking personalization to a new level: You can include specific details in your messages that are tailored to the individual customer or the specific context of the booking. This increases the relevance of the communication, which in turn improves the engagement of your customers.

By using these functions, you can not only increase the efficiency of your communication strategies, but also build a deeper, personal connection with your customers. Our customer, AMAG, says the same thing. They confirm that automation has resulted in significant savings in time and money. 

So what can be personalized and customized with Calenso?

  • Removal of the Calenso branding
  • Own SMS sender
  • Own e-mail sender
  • Logo (Company)
  • Logo (store-based)
  • Colors
  • Favicon
  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Fonts
  • Font sizes
  • Custom CSS
  • Booking links
  • Each text field is individually customizable

And this is what Calenso looks like at AMAG - fully customized!

Creating a booking page is so easy

Calenso understands that not every organization has the resources or need to delve deeply into custom coding. That's why Calenso offers a variety of standard design options. This creates an ideal balance between customizability and ease of use. In addition, there is the possibility to make deeper customizations through the various plans.

  • Fast customization: Our wide range of pre-built themes allows you to quickly go live with a booking site customized to your branding.
  • No technical knowledge required: With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily move, add and customize elements on your booking page.
  • Highly effective: You can create a professional-looking, fully functional booking site in no time at all.

Calenso can be fully integrated into your tech stack so that not only the design but also the appointment scheduling software itself fits seamlessly into your company. In addition, Calenso offers a range of customizable widgets and integrations. These include calendar integrations, payment options and automatic reminders to make your appointment management efficient.

Illustration with the various integration options at Calenso.


Overall, Calenso offers a comprehensive range of tools that allow you to design your online appointment bookings exactly as you want them. You can choose between in-depth technical customization using CSS or using our user-friendly standard design templates. With these versatile options, you can ensure that your booking site is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the design options at Calenso

What customization options does Calenso offer?

Calenso enables a wide range of customizations, including:

  • Removal of the Calenso branding
  • Own SMS and e-mail sender
  • Customized logo for companies or branches
  • Customizable colors, buttons, forms, fonts and font sizes
  • Custom CSS for unique design customizations
  • Fully customizable text fields and booking links

In which languages is Calenso available?

Calenso supports multiple languages to ensure that you and your customers have a localized and understandable experience. For more information on supported languages, please visit our website or contact our support team.

Can I use special fonts with Calenso?

Yes, Calenso supports the integration of custom fonts so that you can further personalize the appearance of your text elements. This requires uploading the fonts in the design settings or using CSS.

Does Calenso offer set-up and customization support?

Yes, Calenso offers comprehensive support, including help documents, tutorials and a customer service team to assist you with setup and customization questions.

How can I integrate my own logo and favicon into Calenso?

Calenso allows you to easily upload and integrate your own logo and favicon. These can be added in the platform settings to consistently implement your corporate branding.

How can I ensure that my booking page looks good on all devices?

Calenso ensures that all booking pages are "responsive", which means that they look equally good on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Our design options and widgets are designed to automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

Does Calenso offer templates that I can use for my booking page?

Calenso offers a wide range of pre-built design themes specifically designed to create a professional look and feel quickly and easily. These themes are fully customizable to fit your specific branding.

How quickly can I create a booking page with Calenso and go live?

With Calenso, you can create a professional booking site in no time at all. Thanks to the ready-made themes and the intuitive editor, you can quickly make adjustments and go live with your site.

What are the technical requirements for using Calenso?

No special technical knowledge is required to use Calenso. The platform offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for easy customization and a variety of standard design options.

How can Calenso personalize communication with my customers?

Calenso allows the personalization of email and SMS notifications through customizable templates. These can contain specific details tailored to the individual customer or the specific context of the booking to increase engagement.

Which plans offer which opportunities at Calenso?

For a detailed comparison of the different plans and their specific features, please visit our pricing page. There you will find comprehensive information on the respective features and prices to help you make the best choice for your needs.


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