Advantages of calendar synchronization

Easily and quickly configurable

No more appointment overlaps

No need to switch to another calendar

Simple and reliable date matching

Multiple calendars per resource

Link favorite calendars

Multiple calendars per resource

With Calenso, for example, it is possible to store multiple calendars per employee. This way, employees can choose which calendar they want to use as default. The immediate synchronization of appointments from Calenso to the external calendar is guaranteed.

Miscellaneous support

Calenso supports connection with iCloud, Google, Office 365 and Exchange calendars. Note: We at Calenso cannot access your calendar and read your private appointments. Only the information whether a suitable time slot in the external calendar is free or not is transmitted.

Video instructions

Miscellaneous support

Calendar iCloud, Google, Office365, Exchange

Reliable alignment

Real-time calendar synchronization

Reliable alignment

Enter your vacations and private appointments into your existing digital calendar as usual. Calenso takes all your connected calendars into account and matches whether an appointment is available. This works within a few milliseconds, so your customer on the other side doesn't notice anything. With the normal availabilities of an employee you limit the usual working hours.

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