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Link Calenso with Bexio and count on numerous advantages 😎

If you have a bexio account, you can benefit from many advantages. bexio users pay less, but get a Calenso whitelabel subscription with your own logo, color customization and sender. As a direct add-on in bexio it is easy to use and offers you the possibility to receive online appointments directly with invoices.

What is bexio?

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What is bexio?

bexio is a leading Swiss business software for small businesses and partner of Calenso. Calenso is available for bexio as an official add-on and customers can book directly in the application. The pricing model is in line with the needs of serious small businesses. Within 14 days, which are provided to you by Calenso free of charge, you can try out the online appointment booking without any risk.

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How do I register?

Add Calenso as an add-on in the bexio Marketplace. Now you can register via the registration window. In order to benefit from the bexio special offer with whitelabel solution, you must have a bexio account, which you link during registration. Very simple!


How do I register?


What is Whitelabel?

Branding Whitelabel use own corporate design

What is Whitelabel?

As a whitelabel customer, you can customize much more. This is primarily about the appearance of your booking widget, your communication texts and your booking page. All Calenso logos will be replaced with yours. In addition, you will be used as the sender of all communication channels and use your own texts.

Calenso Whitelabel

Unbeatably cheap!

bexio advantage

If you use a bexio account, you benefit from Calenso Whitelabel at an unbeatable price! Pay the convenient monthly subscription price and start making appointments online!

Bookings unlimited

Functions Flat rate + whitelabel functions

CHF 49.00/ instead of CHF 149.00

You have questions about bexio or Calenso? 🤔

No problem, contact us. We will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the bexio combination solution!

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