Eva Ivic Junior Marketing Manager
Eva Ivic
Junior Marketing Manager

Number of employees

10 - 15

In use of

Digitalization of business processes

Head office

Iserlohn and Hagen, Germany


  • Law firm

Use Case

  • Online appointment scheduling:
    Clients can schedule appointments themselves.
  • File management:
    In the area of file management, Calenso enables more efficient organization and planning of appointments.
  • E-mail signatures:
    An embedded booking button in the lawyers' e-mail signatures ensures direct and uncomplicated appointment booking.

At a time when digital technologies are fundamentally changing the business world, advomano, a renowned law firm, is at the forefront of the digital revolution in legal advice. With the implementation of Calenso, an innovative appointment management system, advomano has not only modernized its internal processes, but also redefined the way legal advice is provided in a digital world. This story highlights how advomano overcame the challenges of inefficient, outdated appointment scheduling processes through Calenso and repositioned itself as a dynamic, client-centric legal services provider.

The turning point:
advomano's digital transformation

Focus on the challenge

Advomano faced a critical challenge with inefficient, outdated appointment scheduling processes. The legal team was losing valuable time with manual coordination dominated by phone calls and email chains.

The solution through innovation

Given the need for a modern solution, the DIRO network recommended Calenso - a dynamic and customer-oriented appointment management system that was ready to initiate the digital transformation at advomano.

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Measurable success with advomano thanks to Calenso

The introduction of Calenso at advomano has not only revolutionized internal processes, but has also led to tangible successes. This is reflected in a significant increase in organizational efficiency, client satisfaction and market presence.

  • Time savings and increased efficiency: The automation of appointment scheduling by Calenso led to considerable time savings for the legal team. This saved time could be used for more intensive client support and core business tasks.
    • Thanks to Calenso, the team saved an average of 9.4 hours per month when making appointments!
  • Increase in client satisfaction: Calenso's user-friendly and flexible appointment scheduling significantly increased client satisfaction. The ability to book appointments independently of office hours was particularly appreciated and strengthened trust in the law firm.
    • The number of daily client meetings increased by 6-7 additional meetings per day thanks to automation!
  • Improvement of organizational processes: Calenso enabled a more efficient organization and planning of appointments. This led to faster and more effective client support, which had a positive impact on the entire operational process.
    • The introduction of Calenso led to a doubling of client meetings and a 50% increase in time spent processing files!

These successes underline the importance of digital transformation in the legal sector and show how advomano has set a new standard for efficiency and customer service in legal advice with Calenso.

Graph of ROI and time saved by Advomano law firm with Calenso

Product features of Calenso: A deeper insight

Jan Kemperdiek from advomano provides insights into the key functions of Calenso: "With Calenso, we were able to fundamentally change our processes. The individual design of our scheduling has not only increased efficiency, but also the satisfaction of our clients."

  • Customizable widget: Enables precise control of appointment selection to suit clients' specific needs.
  • Automatic appointment scheduling: Clients can book appointments regardless of the firm's working hours, which greatly simplifies the process.

  • Relief for employeesAutomating the appointment scheduling process allows the team to concentrate on their core business.

  • Intuitive operation: The software's ease of use makes customization easy, even for users without an IT background.
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Application areas of Calenso: Optimization of operations

Calenso is used at advomano in various areas to optimize operations and improve client communication:

  • Website integrationCalenso is seamlessly integrated into advomano's website, allowing clients to book appointments easily on any page.
  • E-mail signatures: An embedded booking button in the lawyers' email signatures ensures direct and uncomplicated appointment booking.
  • File managementIn the area of file management, Calenso enables a more efficient organization and planning of appointments, which leads to a more personalized and effective client service.

Quote from Jan Kemperdiek from Advomano about Calenso

advomano & Calenso - A role model for digital innovation in legal advice

The collaboration between advomano and Calenso is an example of how digital tools can improve the efficiency of internal processes and the quality of client relationships. Advomano, as one of many law firms benefiting from Calenso, stands out for its improved service and accessibility. This partnership serves as a practical example for other law firms looking to remain competitive in the digital era and highlights the importance of advanced technology in the modern legal market.

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