Calenso and Contactify join forces: Seamless integration of digital business cards for improved customer interaction

Calenso, a Swiss provider of online appointment scheduling, and Contactify, a leading digital business card service provider, are entering into a strategic partnership to improve the customer journey for consulting-intensive industries. Contactify enables the simple and secure exchange of contact data and forms the first step in the customer interaction. Calenso then ensures engagement by seamlessly handling the entire appointment scheduling and management process. The partnership creates a completely digital and secure workflow that meets the specific requirements of consulting-intensive industries.

Contactify transforms the traditional business card into a dynamic, digital format that allows companies to share all relevant contact details and social media links in a clear and environmentally friendly way. The integration with Calenso allows users to automatically incorporate their calendar availability into their digital business cards, significantly increasing engagement in sales and consulting.

"Contactify is a leader in providing digital business card solutions, and the opportunity to seamlessly integrate our online appointment scheduling solution with digital business cards couldn't come at a better time. By working together, we can offer businesses not only a more efficient way to make appointments, but also a modernized form of contact management, which ultimately improves the end customer experience. We are particularly proud that this integration has already been successfully tested with joint customers in the insurance sector," says Marvin Felder, CEO & Co-Founder of Calenso.

The partnership between Calenso and Contactify offers these advantages:

The partnership between Calenso and Contactify brings numerous benefits that are particularly important for consulting-intensive industries. By combining the strengths of both companies, synergies are created that optimize the customer journey, adaptability, data security and holistic customer engagement.

Improved customer journey

The integration of Calenso and Contactify creates a seamless customer journey. Contactify enables the simple exchange of contact data as the first step in customer interaction. Calenso then takes over the entire appointment scheduling and management process. This seamless integration ensures smooth and efficient communication with customers.

High customizability

Both companies attach great importance to the customizability of their solutions. Logos, colors and fonts can be standardized and updated centrally, which strengthens brand awareness. The partnership also offers flexible design options for teams and projects without jeopardizing the uniformity of the brand identity.

Maximum data security

Data security is a top priority for Calenso and Contactify. Both companies offer GDPR-compliant solutions developed and hosted in Switzerland and use ISO 27001-certified servers. This shared commitment to the highest security standards ensures that all data is treated securely and confidentially.

Support for the Swiss software landscape

Calenso and Contactify are both based in Switzerland and support each other in the Swiss software landscape. This partnership not only strengthens their respective market positions, but also helps to promote the local technology industry. The collaboration enables both companies to develop innovative solutions and offer first-class services to their customers.


"We are delighted to be working with Calenso to optimize digital customer interaction. The integration of Calenso into our digital business cards offers significant added value to users through improved networking capabilities, engagement and efficient appointment scheduling. Our joint synergies strengthen both our collaboration and the trust of our existing customers in our solutions," adds Lars Sager, CEO of Contactify.


This integration creates a secure and seamless customer journey that meets the individual needs of companies while complying with the highest data protection standards.

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"Our partnership with Contactify enables us to further improve the customer journey for teams and companies. The first step - exchanging contact details - is now made smooth and efficient thanks to Contactify's seamless integration. This is followed by quick appointment scheduling directly in our appointment software. Both functions are fully customizable to the branding of the respective company, ensuring a consistent and brand coherent customer experience from A to Z ," says Yanick Küchler, Head of Marketing & Design at Calenso

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