On March 15, 2024, we celebrated a significant milestone, Calenso's first product launch event - Calenso Day 2024. Over 200 guests, including long-standing customers and partners, came together to share this special moment with us. On this day, we celebrated our impressive development. In just a few years, we have grown from a small idea to a company with more than 25 dedicated employees and over 10,000 satisfied customers.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of our new conference scheduling function. It facilitates the planning of meetings and is a real asset, especially for teams in recruiting and sales. This innovative feature makes it possible to schedule meetings with multiple participants in less than 60 seconds, significantly reducing email overhead - an ideal solution for recruiting, consulting and sales teams. In addition, Ravina Mutha and Ramez El Chami provided inspiring insights. They showed how AI and digital solutions increase our customer loyalty and efficiency in sales.

The future of digitization

Despite advancing digitalization, human connection remains irreplaceable in our increasingly networked society. This fundamental principle, "People buy from people"as our CEO Marvin Felder put it, emphasizes the strong importance of personal interactions. Our vision to support these personal exchanges through advanced appointment scheduling solutions drives us to constantly innovate.

Marvin outlined the path to effective appointment automation: from intuitive appointment scheduling to precise routing and omnichannel access. All of this allows the customer to reach us via various platforms such as email, links, Google Ads and our website, and to make appointments flexibly. These approaches significantly simplify the process for end users. At the same time, they strengthen the foundation for deeper customer relationships.

Launch of the conference appointment function

The highlight of the event was the launch of our new conference appointment function. This clever feature enables near real-time appointment coordination by replacing the time-consuming back and forth via email. Planning speed increases significantly and teams can look forward to a smoother, more efficient meeting. This innovation represents a quantum leap in efficiency and revolutionizes the way we schedule meetings - a real step forward for the world of work.

The potential of the conference appointment function

Our conference scheduling feature has the potential to transform the workflow of many organizations. It has what it takes to reduce time-to-hire by an impressive 60%, speed up appointment coordination for conferences by a factor of four and reduce the drop-out rate for application processes by 20%. A true innovation that makes the entire appointment scheduling process more efficient and effective.

A graphic that illustrates the potential of using the conference appointment function.

The roadmap for the future

The presentation of our roadmap for 2024/25/26 provided insights into exciting developments and features that our customers can expect in the future:

  • Redesign in the dashboard for an even more intuitive user experience.
  • Smart actions for more improved workflows.
  • ISO 27001 certificationwhich underlines our commitment to the highest security standards.
  • Native Google Booking & Social Media Booking, to expand our reachability.
  • AI Scheduling and AI appointment assistantwhich will revolutionize the efficiency of making appointments.
  • Use of generative AI (enterprise bot), which increases customer satisfaction through intelligent bots and personalized interactions.

These developments point to a future in which making appointments will be more seamless and efficient than ever.

Technological visions: Ravina Mutha and GENAI

Ravina Mutha, co-founder of Enterprise Bot, gave us insightful insights into the world of AI and its future prospects. She illustrated how the use of AI can significantly increase customer satisfaction, especially through the progressive integration of generative AI into our services, for example by means of intelligent bots. "Generative AI is here to stay," Mutha emphasized, highlighting the continued importance of this technology in the business world.

Strengthen commitment through online appointments

Ramez El Chami from Sanitas Krankenversicherung presented an impressive success story. He showed how they managed to increase their commitment to sales despite the challenges posed by digitalization. In the highly competitive insurance market, Sanitas relies on digital innovations such as its own app and an online premium calculator to maximize customer proximity and convenience.

Learn more

In our case study, you can find out more about how Sanitas is making more appointments with its digitization suite!

1000x appointments per month - find out more here! 

Challenges and solutions:

  • Low engagement with leads: To reduce bounce rate and increase conversion on the website, Sanitas focused on improving the user experience and creating seamless digital pathways.
  • Connection to partner ecosystems: To improve lead handover and increase conversion from partners to customers, Sanitas implemented integrated solutions and promoted close cooperation.
  • Automation of the appointment process: The introduction of omnichannel online appointment bookings and the automation of the entire process strengthened liabilities and improved efficiency.
  • Use of specific vanity URLs: This enables insurance advisors to act in a more targeted and efficient manner, which significantly improved customer relationships and closing rates.

We want to say THANK YOU!

With Calenso Day 2024, we not only celebrated our milestone, but also the launch of our pioneering conference scheduling feature. Inspiring insights from industry experts and the support of our long-standing customers and partners made this day an unforgettable event.

We would like to thank all participants of Calenso Day 2024 for their participation and contribution. Their presence made this day a valuable event. It was a day that demonstrated the strength of our partnerships and the reach of our innovations.

With the introduction of new features and insights into our future roadmap, we not only celebrated our current successes, but also paved the way for future growth. We are grateful for the trust you have placed in Calenso and look forward to further developing the possibilities of digital appointment scheduling together.

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